The Royal Mail: General Overview and Major Services


he Royal Mail is really a primary postal company within the Uk which has publish-offices all over the country. Being accountable for mail and parcel collection as well as their delivery, the primary office handles greater than 80 million products every single day. The network of publish – offices owed to the organization is very large and includes over 14500 offices in most areas of The Uk.

The Royal Mail: General Overview

The building blocks from the national United kingdom postal service goes back to 1516, when Henry VIII made the decision to determine work from the Postmaster General. The postal service grew to become national only in 1635 and ever since then, it serves the postal requirements of the United kingdom residents.

Among the primary indicating the organization is really a well-known “pillar box”, with a vibrant red colorization. The very first standing publish box of the kind made an appearance in 1852. Nowadays, it’s also among the indicating the Uk, which pulls countless vacationers every year.

As pointed out above, the Royal Mail holds responsibility for that collection and delivery of mail (essentially small packages and letters) in addition to bigger parcels. With this particular purpose, it effectively uses the network of publish-offices situated in all metropolitan areas of effective Britain. Mail deliveries are held 6 days per week. However, most offices are closed every sunday and National holidays.

Aside from local deliveries, the organization can also be accountable for worldwide shipping. The airmail services are very affordable and be sure fast and safe deliveries to greater than thirty destinations around the globe.

The organization is happy with its special items that are currently symbolic for that country residents and worldwide visitors. The plethora of the mail products is very impressive and includes postcards, overseas favorites, gold and silver along with a superb assortment of special stamps which are printed to celebrate the most crucial occasions and achievements within the nation’s history.

What Services Are You Able To Avail?

In excess of 350 years, the Royal Mail has continued to be symbolic of quality, safe and responsible customer servicing. To obtain the benefit of employing the organization, however, one should know different types of options and services provided.

Universal Services

Based on national law, the organization is obliged to supply universal services that encompass the gathering of postal products as well as their delivery to the location from the Uk. These products might be of various size, beginning from standard letters and small packages and as much as bigger parcels. Useful provided regularly for any fixed cost that isn’t impacted by the space.

Business Services

Alongside traditional mail services, the organization also runs a unique sector referred to as business mail. It essentially handles franked and also the so-known as “PPI” mail that’s characterised through the special stamp or perhaps a label printed through the sender. Franked or official mail, in turn, is distributed through the V . P ., the people from the United kingdom Congress along with other approved people. This mail is distributed without preliminary postage prepayment and it is placed with the aid of a franking machine.

Worldwide Shipping

The United kingdom postal services are also accountable for quality, safe and timely worldwide shipping of mail and parcels. With this particular purpose, it uses the airmail services making it easy to deliver mail to in excess of 30 destinations around the world.

Special Delivery

This particular service guarantees fast and safe delivery of mail and parcels across the nation. The expedited delivery ought to be made until 1 PM or 9 AM the very next day for an additional cost. When the delivery isn’t made promptly, the service ensures a cash-back guarantee.

A Couple of Words About Prohibited Products

If you are planning to make use of the Royal Mail services, you will likely be aware of listing of products that aren’t permitted to become submitted all publish-offices. These products are thought harmful because of employees and also the surrounding or even the vehicles used. Thus, their email list of prohibited goods includes the next products:

Controlled drugs

Alcohol based drinks

Flammable or corrosive solids and fluids


Offensive or indecent materials

Human and animal remains

Lately, the organization tried to stop the delivery and carriage of air rifles, all sorts of firearms and air pistols, underlining these products couldn’t only pose danger towards the staff, but tend to potentially increase the amount of illegal weapons in the united states. This suggestion, however, caused negative responses and various customer complaints, which, eventually, forced the Royal Mail to decrease the proposal. Nevertheless, you should know of the issue to prevent misunderstandings while delivering these products.