Offline Advertising Secrets: Using Offline Advertising to Make the most of Your ‘Name Squeeze’ Page


Lots of people online aren’t using among the best advertising methods around. I am speaking about offline print advertising. I have used it since 1998, and I’ve got a secret to express. Over 60% of my internet business originates from offline print advertising. I understand that 60% sounds high, but it is since i use offline print advertising as my primary advertising method.

Before we go any more, I’d first like to let you know not to give up your web advertising methods. You need to simply learn how to use offline and online advertising methods together.

This is how I made use of offline print advertising they are driving individuals to a battling “name squeeze” page.

I understand that lots of you’re frustrated together with your internet marketing methods. Email advertising, PPC advertising, website advertising, and so on all can be very over whelming. A couple of years back after i was a new comer to Online marketing, I attempted everything on the planet to obtain individuals to a “name squeeze” page I’d created to promote an item. I finally made the decision to return to things i understood labored. Offline print advertising!

I required all of the copy which was on my small “name squeeze” page. I opened up up Microsoft Writer (All it’s, is really a word processor program.) and pasted our copy from my “name squeeze” page into Writer. I required the ad copy making it right into a full-page (8×11) ad. It is easy to complete, so don’t allow this part scare you.

Now, I’d an advertisement that looked much like my online “name squeeze” page, but with no email register box. Rather from the email register box, I directed the readers to this site address.

I searched for places I possibly could now advertise my ad in. Since I used to be using offline print advertising, I understood exactly what to do. You might be a new comer to this sort of advertising, and that is okay since i have among the only websites which will completely educate you using many offline advertising techniques such as this one at little if any cost. It’s packed with sources on how and where to advertising offline.

I placed my “name squeeze” website ad in a number of publications. The entire readership involved 200,000

Once my ad in my “name squeeze” website hit, my website was flooded with visitors, and that i had people registering right and left via my email form on my small website. It is a little harder to trace when utilizing offline advertising methods. After I ran the ad to advertise my “name squeeze” page, I designed a special page only for my offline advertising people. This way I possibly could track my Return on investment.

If this was all stated and done, I’d spent $120 on advertising. The counter on my small special page in my offline advertising people demonstrated which i had become almost 16,000 unique people to the website. From individuals 16,000 unique visitors, almost 2,000 of individuals visitors subscribed to my offer on my small “name squeeze” page. From individuals 2,000 people, 156 of these bought my $9.95 product. I made as many as $1,552.20. I only spent $120 on advertising, and also the product only require me to pay $2.83 to fill and ship. My total profit was $990.72! Now that’s not necessarily a bad Return on investment whatsoever!

As you can tell, using offline advertising methods is extremely effective. There’s a skill into it, but when you are everything determined, you’ll be making incredible profits any time you begin a new marketing campaign!

If only you much success throughout your offline advertising adventures.