Important Features of An Efficient User Management System


User management refers to the ability for administrators to effectively manage user access to several different IT resources such as devices, systems, storage systems, applications, SaaS services, networks, and more. User management is an integral part to any directory service. It is prime security necessary for an organization.

What tasks are performed by user management?

User management assists admins to control user access and off-board and onboard users to and from IT resources. It has been grounded with databases, on-prem servers, and closed virtual private networks. Recent trends have observed a shift towards cloud-based identity and access management that grants administrators greater control on digital assets.

What is the need to manage user identities?

User management system helps in solving the problems related to managing user access to several resources. An employee on the marketing does not require access to internal financial systems. A finance employee is not requiring access to Marketo or Salesforce.

User management helps IT administrators to effectively manage provision users and resources on the basis of the requirements and role. There are several different approaches towards user management; managing user identities form the base of identity access management.

Features of user management system

There are several features that are provided by user management system. Some of these features are mentioned as below:

  • It provides searching facilities that are based on several factors such as user, type of user, customer, user profile etc.
  • Manages online details pertaining to users, user types and user profile
  • Manage customer information
  • Shows description and information about users
  • Increase efficiency of managing user type
  • Handles supervising the transactions and information online
  • Manage information regarding payments
  • Editing, managing and updating records for proper resource management
  • Manage information regarding places
  • Integrate records pertaining to users

Generation of reports

Report generation facility is also provided by user management software. Some of the features provided by them include:

  • Generates reports on the basis of user, user types, customers, and user profile
  • Provide filter on the reports based on user, user types, customers, and user profile
  • Easily export PDF for user, user type, customers, and user profile
  • Availability of excel based report for user, user type, customers, and user profile
  • Export the report into user, user type, customers, and user profile


User management systems are very essential for every organization. A good software offers all these benefits to an organization.