Business 101: Choose The Right Phone Answering Service With These Tips!


Regardless of whether a business is trying to enhance efficiency or wants to reduce costs of operation, outsourcing is the way to go.  As a small business owner, you have finally decided to hire a phone answering service to attend and manage calls for your company, but what requires more attention is how you select an option. In this post, we bring a few tips that will simplify the choices.

Insist on around the clock support

Many phone answering companies don’t work on weekends and holidays, which can be a bummer of sorts, as you would want every call to be answered. Make sure to find a service that’s available 24×7 and is accessible for businesses. Besides attending calls for your company, they should be around to answer queries and solve relevant issues, as and when required.

Find the right package

The good part is many of these telephone answering services have 7 day free trial, which allows businesses to understand their expertise better. If you like the trial period, you need to next find a package that fits your business needs. For example, when you are expecting less than 50 calls a month, you don’t want to pay huge for a big package. Find a company that will work around your budget and specifications. Ready packages are handy, and if you receive more calls than what’s included, the services are charged per call.

Experience and expertise counts

To be fair, not all phone answering services are the same, and therefore, you need to understand the basics and ask few relevant questions. For example –

  1. Is this an on-shore company?
  2. Do they have an in-house team of experienced and trained receptionists?
  3. How long the company has been in business?
  4. Will they offer client references?
  5. Do they work with clients with a similar business profile as yours?
  6. Do they offer warm call transfers?
  7. Do they use custom greetings?

Businesses need to understand that a phone answering service needs to be an extend arm for their operational setup. The company should respond to calls in a personal way, so that customers and callers feel the connect with the brand. Eventually, you don’t want a phone answering service to ruin your brand’s image and reputation, which is also why taking a trial is so, so important.

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